During the summer, all wood floors have a tendency to expand since wood reacts to moisture. Intense moisture may lead to cupping (if the borders increase greater than the middle of the timber planks) or even buckling. There are a number of things you can do in order to lessen the impact humidity has on your hardwood flooring. The wood floor experts at Floor Sanding Lambeth Have come up with a few ways that will assist you avoid this undesirable reaction.


There are some things you can control from the get-go which will lessen your timber floor’s response to moisture.

Acclimation — Obviously, the wood needs to be properly acclimated into the environment before it’s installed. Any expert wood floor installation business will know that this. When having your hardwood flooring installed, make certain to inquire how they ensure acclimation.

Plank Width — Another way to decrease the swelling and stiffness due to moisture is to select narrower vs. wider planks. Because wood planks shrink more from side to side than end to end, thinner planks will shrink less than wide ones. There will still be some shrinking and swelling, but the openings will be less noticeable between boards.

Wood Species — The types of wood you choose can also affect how drastically it will respond to moisture. Particular species will fare better. Just ask us and we can steer you to the types of wood which are more secure.

Sawing Technique — How the wood is sawn will even affect the way that it responds to its environment. Quarter sawn wood has a very straight grain pattern that lends itself to design and dimensional stability.

Engineered Wood — Ultimately, engineered hardwood flooring also offer additional stability. Engineered timber is made up of a center of timber, plywood or HDF and a top coating of wood veneer that’s glued on the top surface of the center. They are more stable because the multiple-ply plank counteracts twisting and stays intact and flat.


If your hardwood flooring are already installed, controlling the environment in your house is your best move. You would like your home’s humidity to be between 35 and 55. In your house, you’ve got hot, humid summertime and cool indoor surfaces. Moisture also sneaks in through crawl spaces and basement foundation walls, or out of activities on your house (cooking, showering, etc.). Combine that with the fact that heating the atmosphere increases its Relative Humidity, and the environment is anything but perfect for hardwood floors. Moisture is removed from indoor environments by two main mechanisms, air conditioners and dehumidifiers:

Air Conditioner — The main choice for removing moisture is to use a air conditioner. A typical air purifier uses approximately 25 percent of its own energy to remove water in the air. However, remember, an air conditioner only removes moisture when it’s running. As a air conditioner is controlled by temperature, not moisture levels, once the indoor temperatures is great, the AC shuts off. If the temperature is cool, but there’s high humidity, the AC will not have the ability to remove enough moisture. That’s where option number two comes in — dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifiers: The very best solution for actual humidity control in most homes is a fundamental, or even whole-house, dehumidifier. Fantastic systems put close to 100% of the energy into eliminating moisture, and will manage up to around 6.5 pints each hourevery hour, irrespective of light weather or cool mornings when an AC won’t run much. They will also shut down when a AC can handle the moisture loads. Portable dehumidifiers may also help, but they generally don’t remove much more than about two pints per hour, plus they use more energy than the usual fantastic whole-house dehumidifier. You also don’t acquire good humidity control anywhere besides the room it is found in.

Hopefully this helps you to find wood flooring somewhat better so you can get the most out of yours. In Case You Have any queries, feel free to telephone the wood floor experts at Floor Sanding Lambeth at 020 3151 1850.


Fitting Hardwood Flooring To Chipboard

Fitting hardwood flooring into chipboard is a cost effective and convenient solution.Chipboard is a really popular sub floor and is commonly used now in both new build and refurbishment projects. One of the key elements in the effectiveness of using chipboard for a sub floor lies in the quality of the fitting of this chipboard itself. When chipboard is properly laid it provides a solid, level surface for the installation of a hardwood flooring.

Gluing is arguably one of the most popular choices for fitting a wooden floor today. To paste a wooden flooring, a complete coverage of flexible wood glue is applied to the sub floor and then the boards are put directly on top. A glued floor will feel as strong as a nailed floor and allows for contraction and expansion (thanks to its versatility of the adhesive ). A floating floor is a floor that is neither nailed nor glued into the sub floor. The sole place glue might be used in a floating flooring is between the tongue and groove. In a domestic situation, a floating floor might be laid over a sub floor or over an existing floor after placing an appropriate underlay. And lastly, nailing is the traditional method used to match wooden floors. Secret nailing means putting nails through the tongue of their wooden planks. Those nails are subsequently covered when the groove is butted up to the secured board.

If you’re planning on fitting hardwood floors to chipboard, you need to first and foremost make sure your chipboard is nicely laid and second, keep away from the nail down method of setup because chipboard doesn’t offer sufficient traction. The best installation method for matching hardwood floors to chipboard is clean, which provides stability and strength. Nevertheless, nailing and location gluing or floating installation procedures can also be used as alternative methods of fitting hardwood flooring to chipboard.


shutterstock_115765024Maintain Hardwood Flooring Looking New

Appropriate hardwood flooring cleaning techniques can keep the beauty of your hardwood floors for decades, but with the wrong vacuum cleaner or cleaning alternative could damage the finish and cause costly restoration or repair bills.

Spring clean your hardwood flooring by:

Vacuuming hardwood flooring or dust cleaning on a weekly basis. Fine grit in dirt acts like sandpaper on your flooring, and it may ruin the end. Use the brush or felt-surfaced vacuum attachments to both clean and protect the ground. Steer clear of vertical vacuums with a beater bar or rotating brushes which could scratch the finish.

Using just a damp mop only and never on unfinished hardwood flooring. If your hardwood flooring is not surfaced sealed, not wash it with water. If it’s sealed, use a fabric or soft felt mop, and keep it well wrung. Replace the water in your bucket as needed to prevent transferring dirt from one portion of the ground to another. When finished, go over the floor one more time with fresh water to remove any soap residue. Don’t allow the water float or soak into the ground, as this can lead to expensive hardwood flooring water damage repairs.

Never using dangerous cleaning products on your hardwood floors. This includes solutions that contain vinegar, ammonia, or abrasives. Don’t use furniture polish or waxes which are water or acrylic based, because they can leave the floors slippery. If your floor is sealed, then do not use wax, which can damage the finish.

Following manufacturer’s recommendations for new hardwood flooring installations. Different cleaning and polishing options are specific to the endings, and they are able to help maintain the integrity and shine of the sealant.

We do Hardwood Floor Restoration & Repair, Too

For the Very Best in hardwood flooring installation, refinishing and repair services, contact the hardwood experts at Floor Sanding Lambeth in 020 3151 1850 today .


How To Waterproof Wood Flooring

Waterproof-Laminate-Wood-Flooring-AlyssamyersIf you have a wooden floor and are keen to ensure it is watertight, there are two major questions to ask. The first is whether you actually mean water”proof” or if you mean more resistant to water, and the next is how can you do it? There is a significant gap between”waterproof” and water resistant. Most hardwood flooring which have a finish will have some type of water resistance constructed in. The likes of a lacquered or varnished floor nevertheless, will typically be more water resistant than an oil finished flooring . All that said, if you’re trying to create your wood flooring water”evidence”, you are likely to have your job cut out for you.

When there are numerous products you can buy on the market which will protect your flooring from water, whether or not they will fulfill your anticipation of waterproofing is dependent on what you envision the end result to be. If you have to understand that a few wet footsteps walking out of the shower into the stack of towels won’t result in damage, that is 1 thing, but if you’re thinking of waterproofing a wood floor in a room that you’re turning into a wet room, that is something else altogether.

Ensuring your floor will stand up to wet toes coming in from the outdoors or moist toes making their way across the toilet is reasonably straightforward and requires little over:

Preparing your flooring. To prepare your flooring to get a waterproofing product program, you will need to clear the room, wash the floor thoroughly and fix any damage.

Sanding your flooring. It is crucial that you spend time at the sanding procedure to get a good end result. When you sand, then you should begin with the borders and a rough grit sand paper and move down to a finer grit. Once you’ve completed the sanding procedure you need to wash and vacuum the ground once again.

Applying your preferred waterproofing product. All waterproofing products come with full manufacturer’s instructions and it’s crucial to follow these instructions. On the other hand, the broad guideline is to use at least three coats of waterproofing paints or polyurethane, allowing each coat to dry completely before moving on to another. In between coats, you want to check for any bubbling or wrinkling and sand those off before applying another coat. When you start the process, it’s a fantastic idea to utilize a natural cloth mop to find a good policy and work up to a brush in the end, to find a nice even finish.


– This job is best done on a warm, dry day so the flooring has a good prospect of drying quickly and evenly.
– If applying the finish, work towards the door so that you don’t get stuck in the center of the room and end up having to walk throughout your work.


No matter how thoroughly you employ a waterproofing product for your flooring, and no matter what the item manufacturer claims, you should try to mop up spills and avoid flooding at all costs, because these could damage your flooring.


Why Black Wood Flooring Is Great For Any Room

Brazilian-Walnut-Flooring-and-Sofa-DesignIn Lambeth Floor Sanding we meet lots of clients who love the notion of black hardwood floors but are frightened to choose it as they think that it might be a prohibitive option they may tire of. Nevertheless, in our experience, the men and women who do choose it never look back and get nearly hooked onto it, adding to more and more chambers in the home as time marches on. So, if you’re apprehensive about picking black wood flooring for your house, we hope this guide will reassure you that it really can work in almost any area and in any style of house.

Black hardwood floors in the lounge

Perfectly suited to spacious lofts, black hardwood floors in the sofa works equally well in period possessions. Regardless of whether you are trying to make an extremely contemporary, designer sofa which has sharp styling or you also wish to adopt squashy, soft couches and a shabby chic look, black hardwood floors is a fantastic choice for your lounge floor. It is possible to soften it off using a few sheepskin or shag pile rugs to make an inviting floor area for lounging or abandon it completely uncovered so it may make a large statement all by itself. In case you have not a lot of bits of furniture, dark wood floors can work especially well to make this”designer look” that we are all craving.

Black hardwood floors in the kitchen

One of the most stunning effects you may make in your kitchen with black hardwood floors is an extremely contemporary, monochrome appearance. The ideal way to counter vibrant white components, particularly when combined with black worktops, black hardwood floors in the kitchen is not only practical, it is completely stylish also. All of that said, you shouldn’t feel that by picking black hardwood floors for the kitchen which you limit yourself to a modern kitchen. In fact even conventional design kitchen units and worktops can look great from a black hardwood flooring background. So, as you can see, no matter whether you choose a modern, monochrome colourway with some splashes of color, or a more conventional, almost farmhouse kitchen look, this style of flooring may do the job extremely well.

Dark wood flooring in the dining area

No matter whether your dining area is a room fit for feeding a King or even a small room that is used for a whole array of purposes, you can set it off in style with black wood flooring. Small tables, large tables, square tables, round tables all seem great against this manner of flooring and you don’t have to feel the necessity to adhere to contemporary furnishings. A classic style dining table and chairs or a true mix of styles may work well when the background is simple and black.

Black wood flooring in bedrooms

Once thought of as a whole’no-no’ for baths, engineered black hardwood floors functions perfectly well in areas such as bathrooms and shower rooms in which the warmth and moisture levels fluctuate considerably. Rightly considered unsuitable for all these chambers, solid wood floors has a inclination to expand and contract substantially when confronted with steam and moisture, so can eventually become damaged. With engineered black hardwood floors you don’t have any such concerns, and that means that you can confidently choose the flooring choice which most ticks your boxes.

Black hardwood floors in halls

Hallways, particularly in family houses, receive a challenging moment. Where you will find numerous relatives and pets, the hallway can take a real hit in regards to footfall and grime and dirt. It is because of this that lots of people think that black hardwood floors isn’t a good alternative.

If you are considering any kind of wood floor for your home and would like help to make your decision or only another opinion, why don’t you get in touch? At Lambeth Floor Sanding , we pride ourselves on our impartiality and also our capacity to help people make the ideal choices for their jobs; no matter how large or little.



shutterstock_1040381008With numerous finishing options available to those who have recently had a wooden floor installed in a couple of rooms of the home, it’s quite easy to become caught up in it all and fail to enjoy the flooring as it already is.

While most people either buy pre-finished wooden planks or arrange for the end to be implemented after, you may wish to leave it as it is and really show off the natural beauty of the timber. This will highlight the special markings of this tree it had been cut out of and offer a distinct allure.

The proposal above isn’t for everybody since this will often require increased dedication concerning keeping up the ground, as a result of larger chance of soiling. The surface will have to get hauled down really frequently to get rid of any dirt or dust which may have built up throughout the setup procedure.

However, so long as it’s kept clean, you’re going to have the ability to sit back, relax and admire the rustic, authentic appearance the unfinished wood provides.

As you may have guessed, this is the simplest and fastest way of completing the flooring, while providing you quite a few visual advantages too.

There’s nothing wrong with whichever kind of finish you prefer, as long as you honor the wood and take advantage of this gorgeous all-natural flooring choice.



If it comes to hardwood flooring, there are various types out there. This usually means that there are choices for all sorts of locations. In terms of the home, a few wooden flooring options can be suited to somewhat wet areas like the kitchen or basement, while some are fantastic for areas with a higher footfall such as the hallway.

Wooden flooring experts in Surrey are equally adept at fitting floors in commercial settings as they are in national situations. Thus, they’re in a position to recommend the perfect kind of floors for the place.

For those considering having a hardwood flooring installed in their pub, this could actually add character to the place. Though this flooring traditionally needs a decent amount of maintenance and maintenance to make sure it is always at its finest, this would not pose too much of a issue.

There are particular hardwoods that would go great in a restaurant, pub or club atmosphere. The program can be chosen according to the strength of wood required and also the most acceptable finish to ensure its longevity.

Speak to the pros today about what goods would be recommended for your type of commercial establishment.

Want a brand new shiny floor for your home?

Want a brand new shiny floor for your home?

Do you think about renovation? If you want to replace your old carpets with a modern interior design, our specialists will find the best offers for you. Wood flooring looks so classy and goes well with every kind of furniture. If you already have an wood flooring is even easyer to remove the carpet and show it up. Most of the wooden floors that have been hidden under the carpet for years have lost thir shine and the right procedure to bring it back is called sanding! Sanding will definitely transform the atmosphere at your home. Don’t be afraid when you hear the word “sanding”. We work with new technologies that guarantee lack of dust. For sanding, we use 99% dust FREE machines – yes, we think about your comfort.
If your not exactly fan of these classical design looks, but prefer something like country or gothic style, we will offer you finish colours with white, red, brown, black overtones.
We know that it’s really important to feel cozy when you are home. Our experts work with pleasure at wooden floor business and they really know how to construct a modern, cool, innovated interior look. Together we will create the best wood flooring for you, so you can feel relaxed and comfortable at home. Home, sweet home!
If you want to learn more about our new offers, contact us with any enquires. Give us a free call now!


Transform your home as you start with your wooden floors!

Transform your home as you start with your wooden floors!

When you are thinking about restoration in your office,house or apartment maybe one of the first think you think about is flooring! Most of our clients know how transforming is to change, paint or sand your old shabby wooden floors, and this is way they became our clients. A very natural material like wood is not easy to be kept in prime condition, but here our company appear with years of experience, modern technique and great experts. We have renovated many wooden and other types of floors by the years and we are proud with our customers’s smiles! You can give us a FREE call to discuss your project! Our skilled experts work with pleasure at wooden floor business and they really know how to achieve the floor vision of your dreams!
Our company provide customers with a services as covering all aspects of sanding,gap filling, painting and everything your floor needs! Contact us or visit our website and learn more!